The parameters

Only the space moderators have access to the parameters of the space.

To modify the parameters of the space :

  1. Click on the workspace

  2. Click on the button with the three vertical points

  3. Click on Settings

Workspace name

It is possible to change the name of a workspace*.

  1. The old name of the workspace is automatically taken over

  2. Enter the new workspace name

  3. Click on Save

*You can also change the color of the space by clicking on the colored dot next to the Name field.

Description of the workspace

It is possible to add a description to the workspace or edit existing text.

  1. Add a description

  2. Change the text formatting

  3. Click on Save

Default view

This setting allows you to set the default view of tasks in the workspace. Group by to choose sorting and display mode with the View parameter.

  1. Select the sorting mode of the tasks in the workspace - 7 possibilities

  2. Define how the tasks are displayed in the space - 2 possibilities

  3. Click on Save

Custom Fields

Custom fields allow you to add information to the task details panel in a structured way. To create custom fields, please refer to the following article : Custom Fields

Once the custom fields are created, they are automatically transferred to the workspace settings. Thus, there are two headings Custom fields activated in this workspace and Custom fields available for activation. In the example below, only the Status field is active for this workspace. It is possible to Disable it (1). Here you can also include another previously created field, Project Phase. It is possible to Activate it (2).

Activating a field allows you to find it in the task details panel of the workspace, as shown in the image below.

Customized sections

Customized sections allow you to organize the workspace by integrating subgroups. For example, Renovation Building A workspace is created and subdivided into four categories that show the progress of the project > Preliminary Project, Launch, Development, Communication.

  1. Enter the name of the customized section

  2. Click on + or simply press Enter to validate the entry.

  3. The sections entered are listed here

Once you have entered the custom sections, you can delete them (1), change their names (2) or drag and drop them to change their location.

Under the Renovation Building A workspace are now the custom sections created. It is now possible to divide the tasks in the space into sections by clicking and dragging them without releasing the mouse.

List view

Kanban view

Customized sections allow unlimited use cases: project stages, progress statuses, groups by department, etc.

For more information on sorting tasks in the workspace, please refer to the following article : Task display: list and kanban view.

In order to customize your exports - task lists or meeting minutes - you can assign a logo to a workspace. This logo will appear in the header of the documents exported from the workspace.

To assign a logo to a workspace

  1. Click on Choose a file

  2. A window opens: select the image in your folders and click on Save.

  3. Click on Close

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