Step 4: Meeting minutes in review

The fourth step is to edit the meeting minutes. The editor(s) will be able to correct and modify all the contents of the minutes: organization of points and sub-points, paragraphs, decisions, tasks, files and notes.

Editing the minutes

To edit the minutes, click on the different points and then modify their content. Use the + button if you want to add items.

Send the meeting minutes by email

It is possible to send an email to the participants to invite them to read the minutes and to transmit their possible remarks before it is locked.

To do so, click on the envelope icon (1). A window opens: the default recipients are the meeting participants. However, you can remove (2) or add (3) participants. To make sending easier, the subject and message are generated automatically. However, you can change them by clicking on the relevant fields (4). Once you have completed the subject and the message, click on Send by email (5).

Participants will receive the following email:

Proceed to the next step: lock the meeting minutes

When the report is reviewed and corrected, click on the button Lock meeting minutes

Note: A locked meeting minutes cannot be modified. Please read the following article before locking the report.

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