Step 5: Lock the meeting minutes

Once the meeting minutes have been reviewed and approved, you can lock them so that they cannot be changed. Participants will still be able to view it, but only in read-only mode.

To lock the meeting minutes, click Lock Meeting Minutes (1). A window will open: enter the code shown on the screen in the field provided (2). Click Lock meeting minutes to confirm the action (3).

Locked meeting minutes

When the meeting minutes are locked no one can edit them.

It is not necessary to distribute the meeting minutes, all participants can go to the workspace in question (1) and then to the Meetings tab (2) to view the minutes of all the meetings in the space.

If the meeting minutes need to be distributed to people who do not own WEDO, it is possible to export them in PDF format. For more information about exporting a meeting minutes, please see the following article: Exporting a meeting minutes.

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