Export meeting minutes

To export the entire meeting minutes :

  1. Click on the workspace in question

  2. Meetings tab

  3. Locate the meeting you want to export and click the Export button.

*Info: The same button is found inside the meeting.

A window opens and allows you to choose what will appear in the exported document:

Title field

The title is generated automatically, if necessary it is possible to modify it: click on the field then enter the new title (5).

Footer field

The footer text is generated automatically and contains the current date of the export as well as the name of the user who launches the export. It is possible to modify it: click on the field and then enter the new footer text (6).

Items to show field

Choose the content elements that should appear on the exported document, eleven options (7) :

  • Attendees

  • The files attached to the meeting items

  • The paragraphs of the meeting (i.e. the body of the text)

  • The notes of the meeting (your private notes)

  • The decisions of the meeting

  • The tasks

  • Task comments

  • Task descriptions

  • Subtasks

  • Custom Fields

  • Signature fields for selected participants

  • The date of the next scheduled meeting

Agenda Items field

All meeting minutes are automatically selected (8)

Orientation field

Choose the orientation of the exported document, two options (9) :

  • Portrait orientation

  • Landscape orientation

Font size field

Choose the font size of the exported document, three options (10) :

  • Small

  • Average

  • Large

Click on Generate File (11)

Click on Download (12)

Click on the downloaded file and save it in the desired location (13)

Export a meeting minutes sample

To export a meeting minutes sample, the procedure is the same up to step 8. When configuring the export, under the Agenda items field, you have to select the items to be exported. To do so :

  1. Click on the drop-down list

  2. Click the No Point button to deselect all points.

  3. Click on the point(s) to be exported

  4. Click on Generate File

  5. A window opens, click on Download file

  6. Click on the downloaded file and save it in the desired location.

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