Manage access rights

It is possible to manage the access rights of each participant. By default, the person who added the meeting has all rights to the meeting (blue icon) and the other participants have the rights corresponding to the green icon.

The different access rights

There are 5 types of access rights:

The 5 steps of a meeting

The five steps that frame a meeting are as follows:

PREPARATION > Agenda in preparation - before the meeting

VALIDATED > Validated agenda - before the meeting

ONGOING > Meeting minutes currently written - during the meeting

IN READING > Meeting minutes in review - after the meeting

LOCKED > Meeting minutes Locked - after the meeting

Manage participant access rights

Click on the Access and Signatures button (1). A window will open: to change participant access rights, click on the icon in the Access column corresponding to the participant (2) and then select the appropriate option (3). The operation must be repeated for each participant.

It is also possible to add other users and give them access rights to the meeting while they are not participants (4).

Info: The maximum right holder, represented by the blue icon, is the only participant who can change access rights during the first four steps of the meeting.

The purple option allows you to choose the specific points the participant can access. Once the option is selected, click on the numbers (1). A window will open, select the access rights for each agenda item (2-3).

In the example above, Cécile Mayor, quality manager, can access most of the points in read-only mode and edit points 3 and 5. However, she will not see the Finance and Human Resources points.

Manage rights according to the stage of the meeting

You have the ability to limit attendee rights based on the stage of the meeting. By default, participants with editing rights (green icon) can edit items at each step. Example: Christiane Pittet will be able to modify the content of the meeting regardless of the stage of the meeting:

  1. Agenda in preparation

  2. Validated agenda

  3. Meeting minutes in writing

  4. Meeting minutes in Review

However, if you do not want Christiane to be able to modify the validated agenda, you can modify the rights according to the step. Thus, participants will only have a reading right once the agenda has been validated.

For participants who have read-only access, you can prevent them from seeing the agenda at certain stages. This can be useful if you want to prevent the draft steps (1 and 4) from being viewed by other participants.

Use cases

I need to modify a meeting but I don't have the proper access rights

If you need to edit a meeting but do not have the rights to do so, you can view who has full rights to the meeting. You can then talk to that person to change your access rights for the meeting.

To view the distribution of access rights for a meeting :

  1. Click the Access and Signatures button

  2. A window will open telling you who has full access rights (blue icon).

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