Delete a user

Only administrators are authorized to manage network users.

To delete a user :

  1. From your profile, click Settings

  2. Under Network settings, click Users

  3. Click on the button with the three vertical points corresponding to the right user

  4. Click Remove User

A window opens and allows you to choose how to manage the user's tasks to be deleted. Four options (5) :

  • Do nothing

  • Unassign all open tasks: the user will be removed from the tasks he is responsible for in the workspaces. The workspaces will be left without a responsible person and can be reassigned to other users.

  • Finish all open tasks

  • Reassign all workspaces open tasks to an active user. With this option, a user must be chosen for the reassignment > click on someone to choose the user.

It is also possible to reassign the tasks for which the user was responsible in the templates of checklists (6). With this option, an active user must be chosen for reassignment > click on someone to choose the user.

To confirm the deletion, click Delete User (7).

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