Version management in the workspaces

WEDO manages conflicts between different versions of the same file. When a file of the same format and with the same name is added to the workspaces, WEDO informs you and gives you two options to manage the conflict:

  1. Replace the existing file with the newly added version

  2. Keep both versions of the file in the workspaces

Info: if you wish to keep both versions, a suffix with the version number will automatically complete the name of the added file (ex: _2 ; _3 ; _4 ; etc.).

Version history

For each file, you can consult the version history by clicking on the relevant tab.

Il est possible de télécharger, restaurer ou supprimer une version. Pour ce faire, reprenez une ancienne version, cliquez sur le bouton avec les trois points verticaux (1) et sélectionnez l’action visée (2).

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