Enabling the Extended participant table feature

Would you like to have a list with the full contact details of the meeting participants? There is an Extended participant table option to be activated via the meeting settings. To enable table view :

  1. Go to the workspace where the meeting is held

  2. Meetings tab

  3. Return to the relevant meeting and click on the button with the three vertical dots.

  4. Click on Settings

  5. A window opens, click on Extended table view

  6. Finally click on Close

The complete table is displayed in steps 2, 4 and 5. The contact information is taken from each user's profile information.

In steps 1 and 3, agenda in preparation and meeting minutes in writing, you can manually edit a participant's contact information. Thus, it is possible to change the function of a person for a specific meeting.

To edit a participant's contact information :

Click on the button with the three vertical dots corresponding to the participant you want to modify.

Click on Edit Participant

Insert the changes in the relevant fields and click on Save.

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