Add a paragraph

By clicking on Add a paragraph, you insert a text field in which you report the minutes of the meeting's discussions. The text entered will be visible to all participants in the meeting.

Add a decision

By clicking on Add decision, you insert a text field in which you report the decisions resulting from the meeting. In order to be distinguished from other texts, decisions appear in green and are preceded by a hammer. This option is usually used when writing the minutes (step 3/5).

Create a task

You can create tasks in real time based on decisions made in meetings. The task details pane automatically opens on the right side of your screen so that you can set it up when you write up the minutes. Choose the person responsible for the task, the scheduled date, the due date, etc. For more information, please refer to the article The task detail pane.

Attach a file

You can attach a file to an agenda item to provide information. To do so, please refer to Attaching a file to a meeting.

Add a private note

It is possible to add private notes in your agenda items. This will allow you to prepare your speeches for the upcoming meeting or annotate items in real time when writing the minutes. The notes, distinguished by a yellow background, are visible only to the user adding them and can be entered at any stage of the meeting (including when the minutes are locked).

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