Some information about the training integrated in the footer. To progress, we invite you to achieve the objectives defined in each level. Achieved objectives are preceded by a green view. To visualize the objectives, click on the footer.

To achieve the Prioritize Your Tasks (Organize > Prioritize) and Plan Your Tasks (Organize > Plan) objectives, you must use the magic wand at the top of each task list. Here is the procedure:

  1. Click on the magic wand icon

  2. A window opens, click on Plan

  3. A window opens, select the desired plan. 2 options : Today or Later

  4. Clicking on Later allows you to select a projection in time.

  5. Scroll through the tasks in the list to plan them

The magic wand icon appears at the end of each task heading:

  • In the personal space after each time section (today, tomorrow, later, someday).

  • In the workspaces after each time section (today, tomorrow, later, someday) or after each personalized section.

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