In WEDO, there is a distinction to be made between the roles of administrators and moderators. Indeed, the administrator is in charge of network management (creation, modification, deletion of user accounts). Moderators are the people in charge of managing the settings of a workspaces, a template of a checklist or a team. By default, the person who creates the workspaces, the template of the checklist or the team becomes a moderator. He or she can then define other members who will also be the moderator of the workspace, template of the checklist or team in question (via the member management). Also by default, when a network administrator is added among the members of a workspaces, he becomes a moderator.

To find out who is the administrator of your network, see the Users page. To access it, click on the shortcut at the bottom of your main screen (1). There are buttons to filter users by account type. Click Administrators to find out who manages your network (2).

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