Add an attendee

To add an attendee click on + Add Attendee and then select the user to add. Choose if you want to add the attendee only to this meeting or to this meeting and the following ones. Then click on Confirm.

Remove an attendee

To remove an attendee, click the ⋮ button and then click Remove. Choose whether you want to remove the attendee only from this meeting or from this and subsequent meetings. Then click Confirm.

Add a user

Sometimes, there are users who need to have rights to the meeting in order to edit it, but they do not necessarily have to be among the attendees of the meeting since they will not be physically present at the meeting.

To add a user and choose their role, click on the Access and Signature button 🔒 then click on Add User. Then select the user and choose their role. Finally, choose whether you want to add the user only to this meeting, to this meeting and subsequent meetings, or to all meetings. Then click on Confirm.

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