Table of Contents

The table of contents contains your current sections and topics and is located on the left side of the screen.

Entry zone

In the center of the screen, you will find the entry zone, which is your Topic on the agenda. You can add your content using the different blocks.

Add button

If you are at the end of the meeting occurrence chain, you can +Add the next one.

Sections & Topics

From the table of contents, you will find sections 📁 and your topics 🟢 Two buttons allow you to create them if needed.

Meeting title & info

In the blue banner, you will find the title and all the information about your meeting.

Workspace of the meeting

In one click, access the workspace that contains the meeting.

Meeting view

Document view

The document view shows your agenda items in a list. By default, WEDO displays your meeting minutes at step 2 - Validated, 4 - In Review and 5 - Locked in document view. You can of course switch to the Topic view if needed.

Topic view

The Topic view shows your agenda items one after the other. By default, WEDO displays your meeting minutes at step 1 - In preparation and 3 - Ongoing in Topic view. You can of course switch to the Topic view if you need to.

Meeting Steps

If you are a meeting editor, you can change the meeting steps at the top of the screen.


At the top right of the screen, you will find the attendees of your meeting. Modify the list if necessary.

Edit the meeting

Click the ✏️ button to edit the meeting information: title, attendees, dates, times, recurrence and location.

Access & Signature Management

Access meeting access, user roles and signatures by clicking the 🔒 Manage Attendee Access and Roles button. Check off signatories if necessary.


Send by email

Share your meeting at every stage with all attendees.

Export to PDF

Export your meeting in PDF format and configure the export options.

Other options button

Move to

Move your meeting to another workspace.


Access your meeting history.


Delete your meeting.

Editing area by Topic

Edit the content of your Topic using the blocks.

Topic presenter

Add one or more presenters for each Topic.

Recurrence button

Define the recurrence of your Topic.

Topic options

Copy to...

Copy your Topic to another meeting.


Duplicate your Topic.

Importer de la réunion précédente

Importez le contenu de la thématique de la réunion précédente.


Postpone the Topic to a future meeting (only if the Topic is not repeated).


Mark the Topic as addressed for this meeting.


Recurring topics: browse between occurrences of the same topic.

History of the Topic

Access the history of a Topic.


Delete a Topic.

Add blocks area

Add blocks in your Topic.

Topic: revisit or mark as addressed

Rule on your Topic.

Navigate between topics

Navigate between the topics of your meeting.

Navigate between meetings

Navigate between the occurrences of your meetings.

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